Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Energy Drinks

With the commercialization of many new, enhanced and well marketed energy drinks, there has been a few comments shared with me concerning student involvement with these products. While some of these products include a combination of alcohol and caffeine, these to best of our knowledge have not been issues at school. Some of these products you may be familiar with as they have made the news due to some of the dangerous incidents that have occurred due to their consumption. Some companies and businesses have even pulled them from the shelves.

The concerns coming to our attention are the legal energy drinks and student use and the sharing them with others. Though they are legal products, the reasons we are hearing for their use is risk taking behavior in and of itself. Students are seeing what happens to them when taken and how much can be taken. As we know, most things taken in excess can have negative consequences.

We encourage you to continue monitoring your child's activities and actions to include conversation with them regarding these products and their effects.Thank you for your support in this most important matter.