Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Coupon Books

Attention all 6th graders! This Monday your prime time teachers were given coupon books for a PTO fundraiser. Bring the book home to show your parents - it's full of great, money-saving coupons! You can buy the book yourself, or sell it to a friend of family member or just return it to your prime time teacher, there is no obligation. The prime time selling the most books will win a free breakfast, sponsored by the PTO! The deadline is October 28. Complete information can be found here!

Book Fair Challenge

The Patton Book Fair starts October 21 and runs through October 25. Here's your chance to read a good book and help others too! We will be running the All For Books Change Collection. Put your change in the box that can be found in your prime time. This money will be used to purchase books for less fortunate schools and Scholastic will buy 2 books for every $1 we raise! The Primetime that raises the most money will receive a breakfast party sponsored by the PTO. Bring in that loose change to help another school!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Patton SpiritWear

The annual Patton SpiritWear sale is going on now! You may download an order form here and view photos of the SpiritWear items here.