Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chinese Exchange Students

The School Board just approved Monday to again allow Chinese exchange students to visit the middle school in January/February 2012.  They will only be visiting for one week.  They have a lot of interest in China to visit Patton, therefore will be looking to accommodate up to 25 students for the week of January 23, and 30 students for the week of January 30. With that in mind we will be looking for host families to host the students.  Each Chinese student will be paying a $200 stipend to each host family.  This is to help cover additional costs for food and travel. In exchange, we will be looking for any middle school students who have an interest in visiting the Xishan School during our Spring Break.  We will host a meeting for interested students to travel to China in December. Please email Bruce Vosburgh - or Jim Fulginiti - if you are interested in being a host family as well as if you have an interest in Visiting China in April.