Sunday, October 18, 2015

Parent Drop-off / Pick-up

Please be reminded to follow the procedures established for picking up and dropping off your son/daughter at the middle school. The purpose of our procedures are Priority One - SAFETY and number two, efficiency. The route 82 side of the building, our current main entrance, is a BUS ONLY lane and is a one way, south to north flow for buses. PLEASE avoid using this lane. There have been occasions when drivers have come the opposite direction, let alone, used the area at all. We have had some close calls! Remember to drop off at the “greenhouse” area or cafeteria area in the morning - exiting back onto route 82. Access Road off of Doe Run road is IN only in the morning. Pick up can occur in the same two locations, but remember the “greenhouse” area traffic does move until buses roll at 2:30. Access road to Doe Run road off the cafeteria  is EXIT only in the afternoon and is continual flow. Thank you for your continued cooperation with this important issue.