Monday, March 7, 2016

Box Top Challenge Update

There's been some shuffling around--but not too much--of the leading advisories in each grade after the last Box Tops count. In 8th grade, Mrs. Sordi's advisory has dropped from the top spot to third with 131 Box Tops. Mrs. Basilio's group came out of nowhere, contributing 199 Box Tops to move in to second place. And the new leader in 8th grade is Mr. Cippolini's advisory with 207. Mrs. Lear's and Mr. O'Rourke's advisories remain in third and second places in 7th grade with 408 and 431 Box Tops respectively. Mrs. Palic's advisory remains in the top spot with 563. The competition in 6th grade is especially tight, with only 40 Box Tops separating the top three: Mrs. Jennings, 220; Mrs. Steinen, 238; and Mrs. Bunting, 278. Remember, the next Box Tops deadline is April 1.